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Taken from The Gorgon, circa 1998

A note from Mike Wallace

Just after lunch, at 1225 on August 28, 1944, USS Euryale tied up at North Wharf in Fremantle, Western Australia. We had come to relieve our sister ship,USS Anthedon when we heard CBS broadcaster Mike Wallace, on a recent 60 Minutes segment, describe his World War II service as primarily serving aboard a submarine tender in Western Australia, we wrote him a note. Turns out he was an ensign aboard the Anthedon.

note from Mike Wallace

The letter says,

"I was in Fremantle aboard the Anthedon in '44 and eventually sailed up to Subic Bay, where I served as a communications officer, welfare and recreation (?) officer and ship newscaster.

"After the bomb, we were one of the first co leave for home. Actually, I was lucky enough to get a berth on the Gilmore, which was like a cruise ship compared to the Anthedon.

"Admiral Fife was the flag officer for the 7th Fleet Submarine Force, headquartered aboard the Anthedon for some months.

"What I remember best about our time in Fremantle (aside from the Aussie women) was that whenever a British or Dutch tender tied up next to us, out came the rat guards for the lines that tied us to the Fremantle dock!"

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