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Taken from The Gorgon, circa 1998

Somebody Had a High-Octane Hangover

Fred Crawford of Charlston, West Virginia, sends along two notes in the same envelope. One is a direct demand: "I want a cap!" We forwarded his request and trust that he has a Euryale baseball cap by now.

Fred's other note was a little chattier. He recalls "one comical thing aboard old Euryale."

A boiler tender, Fred was required to keep a standard soap solution for testing the boiler feed water.

"I went to Lt. Hund and asked him to give me an adequate supply of ethyl alcohol so that I wouldn't have to see him every time I needed some. He gave me a gallon. I put it in my steaming locker."

Fred gives the name of a shipmate who is active in our association and will be among those living it up at the reunion in San Diego. That person, Fred says, "broke the lock and took care of the rest."

Who was it that broke into Fred's locker and made off with wartime supplies? The Gorgon knows. We'll consider it classified information and keep it under our Euryale baseball caps.

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