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"Summoned to the Captain's Quarters"
Submitted by Tom Solosky (son of Henry Succolosky)

" A story told to me by my Dad "

While the Euryale was in the Admirality Islands in the summer of 1944, my Dad was summoned to the Captain's Office. After arriving he was ushered into the office and stood before the Captain. Having never been there before he was obviously nervous and had been wondering all the way there what he had done or why he was there. The Captain stood up, handed him a telegram and a cigar and said, "Congratulations Sailor, you have a son.".

The story is sixty years old and so am I. Hank raised four sons and drove a tractor-trailor for forty years. Mom still lives in Scranton, PA near Old Forge, PA where he was born and raised. They would have been married sixty-one years on May 22nd. He left us in 1995 but lives on in the values he passed on to us and thru us to his six grandchildren.

I saw my Father in many of his shipmates that I met at the reunions in New London in 2000 and Philadelphia in 2003. They call these men the "Greatest Generation" for good reason.

God Bless the men of the USS Euryale.

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