Welcome to the USS Euryale Official Website

Welcome to the Official Website of USS Euryale, AS-22

How it all started:

While going through my father's personal papers after his death, I came across a small bundle of mementos from his service in the navy.

Because Dad never talked about what he did in the war, and because school only taught the political aspects of war and not much of the human side, my sister and I grew up not knowing much about either. Two little girls grew up in the Midwest safe, loved and free--and never questioned why.

This journey, and it's been a fascinating one, began with just wanting to know a little about Dad's ship and his rate. The progress was slow and frustrating until, quite by chance, I found the Euryale Reunion Committee. This website, and my newly gained knowledge, is a direct result of their willingness to provide invaluable assistance in my search. Their help and encouragement kept me going whenever I faced a hurdle in my endeavor to uncover more.

I never dreamed that a little bundle of papers would lead me down this path. I never dreamed that I would meet so many wonderful and giving people along the way and now count them as cherished friends. Because of them, I now have a better understanding of my father's part in the war, as well as a new-found appreciation to all who served.

And so, I dedicate this site to my father, John Henry "Pete" Fields, the best dad that any kid could ever ask for; the subtender, U.S.S. Euryale (AS-22) and her invaluable contribution to the success of the war; the entire crew of Euryale and their unflinching devotion to duty; and all the generous contributors to this site who helped to make it what it is.

On behalf of my generation, let me take this opportunity to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all who answered the call to serve. Your great sacrifice is our freedom today.

Please enjoy your visit.

--Sheri Lytle, proud daughter and webmaster

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Mission Statement:

This website is dedicated to providing a free online museum and memorial to the men who served aboard USS Euryale during WWII. We collect stories of the men and their missions and present it here. Our goal is to provide a place for each man and his family to visit and remember.

"A man is not dead until he is forgotten...."

These men will never be forgotten.

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