Plaque Dedication

Nimitz Pacific War Museum, Fredricksburg, Texas

Gorgon Holiday Masthead
December, 2004
Euryale Divider Bar

Ceremony Location

October 20, 2004
USS Euryale (AS22) Plaque Presentation
Nimitz Pacific War Museum
Fredericksburg, TX

Ceremony Itinerary

Pledge of Allegiance - Monroe Lefkowitz
Welcome - Museum Representative
Ship's History - Bill Bradfield
Remarks and Plaque Unveiling - Oz Ostapeck
Benediction - Rev. Jack Hunter

USS Euryale Dedication Plaque

"From the First, a Leader":

An American officer, on board for translation assistance as we went to New Guinea, told us that "Euryale," when spoken by a Japenese person, could be translated as "From the first, a leader." Totally approprate, I had saved the paper that was distributed at that time, and asked that it appear on the plaque in Fredericksburg."--Bill Bradfield

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