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Do you have any further information on the ship or crew that is not contained in the website?

No. What you see here is everything I have. As soon as I receive new material, I post it. I'm not holding anything back. Most of the material displayed on the site was received from members so I'm not in possession of any originals.

How do I submit information that I have on the ship or crew?

I'm always delighted to receive new material about USS Euryale and her crew. You can email me pictures, letters, anything that pertains to the ship or crew. If you would like to send me originals, I will take great care of them and return them to you at my expense. Contact me to get my street address. If you choose to email, please send all material at the original size and at the greatest resolution to ensure that it will display properly on the site. You can always post your story on the Story Form.

Are you planning on any future reunions?

No. Sadly, our last reunion was held in San Antonio, Texas in 2004. At that meeting we decided not to hold any more.

How do I find information on the website?

Use the search link found at the bottom of the main page. Type in a keyword or short phrase and a new window will open up with relevant links.

Why should I notify you of changes to my contact information?

To keep receiving website updates, you should notify me immediately of any changes to your contact information. You can either email me or request my mailing address.

Can anyone join the membership list?

Yes. If you are a crew member or relative or just have an interest in USS Euryale, you are invited to join. Email me and I'll add you to the list.

Are there any costs to being a member?

No. This membership has and always will be free to members. Solicitation of funds is against the principles of the website.

What do I get with my membership?

With membership, you will receive notification of website updates. That's it....

Do you sell or share my email address with anyone?

Your email address is never, ever shared with anyone. Occasionally another member might request it, but you would be contacted by me for permission to do so. You will never be contacted by me for any other reason than to notify you of website updates.

How do I get my own Crewmember's page?

Send me your dates of service aboard USS Euryale, your rate at time of discharge from the ship, any pictures while you were aboard, notes, letters, stories, current pictures of you and your family, anything you'd like to appear on that page. Visit Crewmember Pages to see what others have included in theirs.

How do I get a Crewmember's Page for a relative?

Same as above, but include the name of your family member and your relationship to that person.

What is the cost for a personal page?

It's free to all who served aboard USS Euryale.

How do I report an error that I found on your site?

If you have irrefutable proof that an error exists, please contact me and I'll happily change it.

Do you allow advertising on the website?

Not now, not ever. This site is a tribute to and a memorial for our heroes and not for commercial exploitation.

How do I notify you of a crewmember's passing?

Check the Muster Roll to see the status of the crew member. If there is a D listed next to the name, I have already been notified. If not, please provide me via email with details and I will update the Muster Roll, the Passings page and notify all members.

How do I navigate the site?

I've tried to make it as easy as possible. When you enter the main page every section of the entire website is listed on the menu bar on the right. As you choose a section, those partitions within are listed on that menu bar. Each subsection has a link back to the main page, so it should be very hard to get lost (I hope!) I've also allowed some pictures and pages to open in a smaller, new window so that you can return to your previous page with ease. Off-site links always open in a new window. After you've viewed the information, simply close that window, and you are back on the page you just left.

I served aboard USS Euryale but I'm not listed on the Muster Roll. Can you add me to it?

Absolutely. But I will require some proof.

How can I contact crewmembers and ask if they remember my family member who served aboard USS Euryale?

Post a message on the Message Board. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the post box. Members may see the post, remember your family member and respond back to the Board, so check back often.

Who are you, anyway?

My on-line persona is katie, my real name is Sheri Lytle. I answer to both. I'm the daughter of John Henry "Pete" Fields, the inspiration for this website.

Why are you doing this site and do you get any compensation for it?

I started this as a tribute to my father, John Henry "Pete" Fields. After making contact with many former crew, the site grew beyond my wildest dreams. Now I maintain it for them, the generation we owe our freedom to today. I receive no compensation nor do I solicit any.

How big is the website staff?

It's all me. Coding, editing, uploading, design, all me. Not to say I wouldn't welcome help. Computer-creative people: Apply Within!

Who owns the website?

I own the root domain of katiebuglove dot com. USS Euryale data is stored within this domain, and the contents is owned by the USS Euryale Association. I also own the mirrored domain name of USS Euryale dot com. All material is copyrighted and protected. Unauthorized use by any party is strictly prohibited.

How long will this site continue?

As long as I'm physically and mentally able to do it, the site will continue.

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