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Commander Homer A. Penhollow

Manus Island Communications Center

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Cmdr. Homer A. Penhollow
Commander Homer Penhollow

Submitted by Cmdr. Penhollow's son, Don

I was born at Great Lakes NTS in 1942 and only since 1995 have learned of my dad's job in WW-2. Commander Homer A. Penhollow, my dad, with 95 officers and 750 enlisted men initiated, maintained, and operated the largest Naval communications base in the Southwest Pacific prior to and during the largest naval battle in the history of our navy.

As you know Manus is still a virtual paradise. To satisfy the ecology conscious, I have an order from the island commander (1944) listing the plants and trees that must not be damaged because the native islanders needed them for food and commerce. Did you know that Margaret wrote her second book (after The Coming of Age In Samoa) on Manus Island until she had to leave because of the war.

Main radio tower of Manus
Communication between Manus and USS Euryale

USS Euryale (AS-22) Subtender

USS Euryale Main Entrance

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