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If you were a crewmember, you are entitled to your own page. This is a free service.

There is no size limit on your page and you may include anything you want. Please do include your rate while aboard Euryale and your service dates.

Visit other crew pages to see what they've chosen to include.

You may either email or snailmail photos to me. If you choose to snailmail, I will protect your photos with great care and return them to you at my expense.

Click on any shipmate's name or picture to visit their page.

John Henry "Pete" Fields

John Henry 'Pete' Fields

Henry "Hank" Succolosky

Henry 'Hank' Succolosky

William "Brad" Bradfield

William 'Brad' Bradfield

Ernest Paul "Scratch" Betrand

Ernest 'Scratch' Bertrand

Robert "Jake" Miller

Robert 'Jake' Miller

Omer Giguere

Omer 'Frenchie' Giguere

Walter Rowe

Walter Rowe

Henry "Kicking Bear" White

Henry 'Kicking Bear' White

Michael Buglio

Michael Buglio

John Coughlin

John Coughlin

George Edward Benns

George Edward Benns

Anthony T. Giammalvo

Anthony T. Gaimmalvo

USS Euryale (AS-22) Subtender

USS Euryale Main Entrance
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