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LST 704, Landing Ship, Tank

with USS Euryale, AS-22 and Jap Subs in Sasebo

by Norman Marten

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My uncle, John B. Dunlap, was CO on LST 704 which was in Sasebo, Japan in November 1945 as were USS Euryale (AS-22) and 3 large "aircraft carrier" Japanese submarines. LST 704 tied up alongside the subs and my uncle took some pictures of them with AS-22 in the background while off-loading supplies for movement of the subs to Pearl Harbor by US Navy crews.

In order from LST 704 are I 400, I 14 and I 401 with AS-22 on the far side. Not much of LST 704 but some good views of AS-22. Everyone should read John Geoghegan's amazing true story in itself.

Of interest in my uncle's papers was a letter of appreciation signed by the entire crew of LST 704 for his command leadership. The letter is dated November 30, 1945 the day he was relieved of command as the first step in his return to civilian life.

Editor's Note: Mr. Marten received the original pictures from his uncle but the quality was not suitable for viewing. He was in contact with John J. Geoghegan, author of, "Operation Storm", who kindly restored them for us. For more information on Mr. Geoghegan and how to order his book, click HERE.

See the letter from the crew of LST 704 to CO Dunlap

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For more information on LST 704, click HERE

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