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Operation Storm, Japan's Secret Submarine
by John J. Geoghegan

A few months ago a good friend of mine, Dick Millington (USS Euryale Plankowner, F1c), sent me the book, “Operation Storm”, by John J. Geoghegan. Dick, who has intimate knowledge on the subject of the Japanese I-400 series subs, thought I would enjoy the book.

A few days ago he emailed me to ask if I knew that our website had been credited as a source for Mr. Geoghegan’s research. What a surprise! Way back on page 458 in the source credits, we were mentioned!!

Click HERE to see pictures of Dick with the subs on our website (pictures No. 27 and 28).

You can purchase the book from a selection of vendors on Mr. Geoghegan’s website at Storm From A Clear Sky.

Thanks for this info, Dick. And thanks for the mention in your book, Mr. Geoghegan. We’re happy that you found our website useful!

Imperial Japanese Navy Super Submarine, I-14
by Yasutaka Yoshino

A few months ago I was contacted by a writer, Yasutaka Yoshino, from Japan, who was writing a book about the famous Japanese submarine, I-14. He asked to use some of the pictures from our website and I granted him permission.

Although his book is written in Japanese, the credits to the USS Euryale, among other US naval vessels, are written in English. For those of us who don't read Japanese, the pictures in the book are fascinating on their own.

Thank you, Mr. Yoshino, for including our beloved USS Euryale in your book and giving credit to her historical significance. We are honored to be a part of your book.

Click on smaller pictures, to open up the full picture in a new window. Depending on your browser, you can once again click on the large picture to enlarge it further.

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