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Robert "Jake" Miller

Submitted by Robert's son, Steve:

The attached picture shows the crossed hammers. He came on board as a metal smith and later transferred to radio tech and advanced to 2nd class.

  • Service time - joined June 7 1942; discharged Jan. 7 1946.
  • Time on the USS Euryale Jan 1943-Oct 17 1945.
  • Equator Feb. 8 - became a shellback (Ancient Order of the Deep).
  • At Pearl Harbor May 6 .While the ship was at Pearl Harbor they received news that Japan had surrendered. Dad said that the air turned white with sailor's hats.
  • At Sasebo, Japan Sept 28. While there they cut holes in the 1 & 2 man Japan subs and sunk them.
  • At Kure Oct 17 1945; left the ship

Dad's job was to work on or to clean up radar and sound gear for the subs .There were 3 shops on board but he worked in the shop on the second deck.

"I asked him about the equator crossing and this is what he told me: They crossed close to Galapagos Islands and docked some where nearby. They used a pair of tin snips to cut his hair ( they pulled more out than got cut , that is why he says he does not have much hair on the top. ) Then some one grabbed him by the shirt collar and dropped him in a pit . There was supposed to be a mat for them to fall on but it had been kicked out of place by someone preceding him and he hurt his knee ( he says that his knee still bothers him to this day.) Then they had to go through a tank of water and garbage .

There was a silversmith on board that made him a bracelet of their journey using Australian coins from places listed not in order : Perth - Admiralty Islands - New Guinea - Australia - Melbourne - Sydney - Brisbane - Society Islands -Galapagos Islands - Panama. There was more places that they stopped but the ones listed are on the bracelet .

Dad did mention one of the subs that they had to clean up , the Sea Horse. It was taken down with the hatch not closed and they took on some sea water."

Radio and Electrical gang of repairs force Perth,Australia. Dad is second row from the top, second from right.

Sign-Up Day in Ottumwa, IA
Dad is front row, 3rd from the left
Front row, 2nd from left is his cousin Gerald Smith
Avenger Squadron
The document they are holding
The Band
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