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Omer "Frenchie" Giguere

"As a new recruit, I was awakened at 4 a.m. by my chief, telling me that I had watch duty on the crow's nest. I didn't know what he was talking about. On deck he told me, "You see that little house up there? That's what we call the crow's nest. And you are going up there to watch for anything." To me it looked a mile high and the ship was rocking like a cradle. I said, "Chief, why can't I stay on deck and be a lookout?" I was half way up the ladder and I could still hear him yelling. I don't think he appreciated what I said.

The first day that I saw the Euryale, she was docked at the 35th Street Pier in Brooklyn, NY. I walked the gangway, saluted the flag and the officer of the day, and asked permission to come aboard. The duty officer couldn't pronounce my last name. "Are you an Italian?" he asked. "No sir, I'm French," I replied. "Okay, Frenchie, come on board." So that was my nickname.

I was in the 11th Division Hull & Repair, sheetmetal department, repairing submarines that came along side, doing pipe fitting, welding and brazing. I remember repairing Captain Guthrie's chair in the wheelhouse.

Sheet Metal Division
Omer and Elise
Omer displaying the replica of Euryale that he made
USS Euryale (AS-22

USS Euryale Main Entrance

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