On Eternal Patrol

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John at Government Gardens, Perth

John in the photo lab
Eddie Morton (right) and John in Honolulu
For the Army, a tv show, "The Big Picture"

Captain Gurley with Cheeks and the pond sailer he made (First name of Mr. Cheeks unknown)
This was during a hurricane that struck Texas circa 1962, Hurricane Carla. The man on the right is a Fox Movietone cameraman, then a Navy crew chief, myself and a Marine major. The pilot of the chopper is from the carrier, Shangri La, in the Gulf of Mexico.

John in white tie
"During my career in Washington, D.C., I used this photo for news releases."

After a devastating earthquake and flooding in Chile, I gave a speech at the Chilean Embassy and presented a film on the devastation. The lady on the left is a representative of "CARE" that sent equipment to Chile and the other lady on the right is Madam Meuller, wife of the Chilean Ambassador to the US.

With Nat King Cole, 1962.
With Mitzi Gaynor, 1962

"At the ripe age of 21 and having experienced two full years aboard the USS Euryale AS22, I felt the next step in life would be marriage. I married the girl I left behind, who was now a schoolteacher in Washington, D.C.

I applied to and was selected for the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Majoring in Diplomatic and Consular Studies, while I had hoped to be a member of the State Department, I was recruited by a new organization then known as the Central Intelligence Group, later the CIA. That was 1952 and I was with them for 7 years.

My duties aboard Euryale and my earlier interests led me to a field of training and film production. After some time I met and was influenced by several Hollywood producers to go into production of films and was active in Washington and New York. This led to filming news stories and covering events for TV.

For another 7 years, I chased floods, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes as a newscaster for the networks and as a film producer. All this time my wife was teaching at a private school on Embassy Row and was involved with summer camps for under-privileged children in the city.

Eventually, our interests changed and we looked for a less hectic life. We used the influence of some friends in "horsey" circles in Pennsylvania and eventually moved to the Amish country. During our Washington days, we were benefited by being friends with many influential people. Our only child, Jeffrey, played with the Shriver children, attended private school, etc.

Later General Alfred M. Gruenther of General Eisenhower's staff would visit us in Lancaster and ask what in Hell we were doing there. Our lifestyle had altered drastically but we were able to adapt. Among my friends and workmates were Roger Mudd and Lowell Thomas of CBS, among others.

It has been a wild ride and the bumps and smooth sailing continue. Age and its infirmities have taken grip, however, and we have slowed down

Our son, a civilian consultant for the Navy, travels worldwide and is a sailing enthusiast.

Life has been good as are the memories of days aboard the 'Blue Beetle' Thank you for the time."

John Coughlin

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