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Keeley to Kirby


* indicates Plankowner
(D) indicates Deceased
Information in RED indicates added after the completion of Bill's original muster roll

* KEELEY, Donald W. S2c Philadelphia
* KEENAN, Thomas B. S2c NYC (D)
* KEHLER, Albert E. S2c Allentown, PA
KEIPER, Arthur T. TM3c NYC
KEITH, JR, Isaac A. EM2c Birmingham, AL
* KELLAHAN, Herman E. F2c Raleigh, NC
KELLEY, Gordon W. MoMM3c Springfield, MA
* KELLEY, John R. SF2c Boston
* KELLY, Alfred E. Flc Boston
KELLY, David E. Slc Dallas, TX
* KELLY, Francis R. S2c Syracuse, NY
* KELLY, George W. S2c NYC
KELLY, Nathaniel L. StMlc USS Batfish (SS310)
* KELLY, Patrick J. S2c NYC (D)
* KELSEY, Wallace A. S2c Hartford, CT (D)
* KEMP, William C. S2c NYC
* KEMPINSKY, John E. S2c Pittsburgh, PA
* KENDALL, Robert F. S2c Buffalo, NY
KENNEY, Ferdinand T. HAlc New Orleans
* KENT, Robert E. S2c Baltimore, MD
* KENYON, Charles T. CMlc Argentia, Nfld.
* KUCHARSKI, Leo S2c New Haven, CT
KEROUACK, Louis A. S2c NTC Sampson, NY
* KERSTETTER, Lee R. S2c New Haven, CT (D)
* KESCHL, Albert T. SF3c NYC (D)
* KETCHAM, William H. S2c NYC (D)
* KFARE, Jack S2c NYC
KIELEY, Donald K. EM2c Minneapolis, MN
* KIJEWSKI, Peter J. S2c Harrisburg, PA
KILE, Kenneth H. CRM (AA) San Francisco
* KILIAN, John J. S2c New Haven, CT
* KING, Edson H. S2c Buffalo, NY
KING, Edward S. SF3c Birmingham, AL
KING, George E. Slc Camden, NJ
* KING, Joseph P. S2c Wilkes Barre, PA (D)
KINGSBERRY, Arthur C. StMlc Raleigh, NC
* KINGSLEY, Claude W. M2c San Diego, CA (D)
* KINNEY, Carl E. S2c Wilkes Barre, PA
KIRBY, Bert F. M13c

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