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* indicates Plankowner
(D) indicates Deceased
Information in RED indicates added after the completion of Bill's original muster roll

* FITE, Carl B. SF3c San Diego, CA (D)
FITZGERALD, James M. MoMMlc San Francisco
* FLATT, Gerald G. MoMM2c Syracuse, NY
* FLECK, Walter M. SF3c Cleveland, OH
* FLINT, Morris StM2c Oklahoma City, OK
* FLYNN, Robert F. Y2c Boston
FOORD, JR, Charles R. TM3c San Francisco
FORE, Clyde E. MoMM2c Chicago
* FORGIE, Robert D. F2c (M) Greensburg, PA
FORMAKER, Charles F. SAO2c Des Moines, IA (D)
FORRAI, JR, Andrew L. Flc USS Chanticleer
FOSTER, JR, Alvin F. S2c
FOSTER, Billy G. Slc Altoona, PA
FOSTER, Ronald G. Slc
FOUCAULT, Arthur J. HAlc USS Hinsdale (APA120)
FOX, Walter J. Flc St. Louis, MO (D)
* FRANK, Richard J. Flc Cincinnati, OH
FRAN Z, Lloyd A . Flc Des Moines, IA
* FRATES, JR, Alfred M. F3c Providence, RI
* FREDERICK, Charles D. CMM (PA) Philadelphia
FREER, Charles A. SKlc
* FRIER, James R. S2c New Haven, CT
* FRIES, George A. S2c Philadelphia
FRITTER, Harvey TM3c Baltimore, MD
FRONCEK, Andrew J. TM3c Cleveland, OH
* FRONDA, Arthur P. S2c NYC
* FRY, Clarence E. Flc Cleveland, OH
* FRYER, James R. S2c New Haven, CT (D)
* FUSCO, Charles CEM (PA) Norfolk, VA
* GABANI, Emo J. S2c New Haven, CT
* GAFNER, Harold A. MoMM2c Erie, PA
* GAGNE, Nelson R. S2c New Haven, CT
* GALANEK, Paul S2c Springfield, MA
* GALARDI, Harold J. S2c Philadelphia
* GALE, Howard H. S2c Albany, NY
GALLAGA, David S2c Chicago
GALYEN, La Vera I. PhM3c

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