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Boggan to Brochu


* indicates Plankowner
(D) indicates Deceased
Information in RED indicates added after the completion of Bill's original muster roll

BOGGAN, Lewis M. S2c (TM) Houston, TX (D)
BOHANES, Joseph T. S2c
BOLAM, Sydney S2c (TM)
* BOLAND, Andrew F. Slc Boston
* BOLEWSKI, John R. S2c Buffalo, NY
BOND, Robert R. S2c (TM)
* BONTEMPO, Alexander A. Slc Boston
* BOOKER, Ralph T. S2c Pittsburgh, PA (D)
* BORAWSKI, Henry J. S2c Hartford, CT
* BORDEN, Cyril J. CBM (PA) Boston
* BORDI, Louis A. Flc Los Angeles (D)
BORING, Norman R. F3c Cleveland, OH
BOSTON, John F.Sayer, PA (D)
BOTTONI, Russ F. MoMM3c USS Chanticleer
BOWKER, Keith H. RT3c Philadelphia
BOWMAN, Donald H. S2c
BOWMAR, Carl R. Slc
* BOYD, James R. SF2c Minneapolis, MN (D)
BOYLE, Jack A. Slc
BOYLE, Floyd E. TM3c Portland, OR
* BOYLE, John M. Y2c Boston
BOYLE, Philip S2c NYC
* BRADFIELD, William E. RM3c Philadelphia (D)
* BRADFORD, Warren T. F3c New Haven, CT
* BRECKHEIMER, Millard J. S2c Syracuse, NY (D)
* BREDEMANN, Edward P. Y3c Chicago
* BREECE, Archie O. CCM (AA) Brooklyn, NY
* BREZINSKI, Vester P. CMoMM (PA) Norolk, VA
* BRIGHT, Charles C. Bkr3c Raleigh, NC (D)
* BRILL, Spencer E. EMlc Buffalo, NY (D)
* BRINDISI, Nicholas J. S2c NYC
BRISTER, Eugene T. TM3c Los Angeles
* BRITT, Donald Q. F3c Raleigh, NC
* BRITTAIN, Charles P. BMlc NYC
* BROBERG, Wilfred J. CM2c Chicago
* BRODERSON, Donald J. S2c Milwaukee, WI
BROOKS, Dell J. Y2c Detroit
BROSNAN, William F. F2c NYC
BROCHU, Adrian T. S2c NTC Sampson, NY

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