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The following is an excerpt of the original Forward written by Bill Sarant before his death. Any requests for changes/additions should be sent to the website, via the "Contact Webmaster" button on the right.


This list of 1570 names was compiled by using the microfilm of the ship's records provided by the Naval Archives.

The portion of the records used dated from December 2, 1943 to September 1, 1945.

Undoubtedly errors will be found due to:

1) Inability to read hazy portions of the microfflm.
2 ) Human error, including mine.

The city, facility or ship shown indicates "place of enlistment" or from where transferred. Some of this information was not included on the ship's records.

Some of the names of the Submarine Relief Crew are included, but many are missing.

Hopefully, this list may enable some of us to remember a forgotten shipmate. The "place of enlistment" was very often close to the person's hometown or was the city of his residence and still may be. It is very likely that with a little effort with phone books, municipal records, etc., more of our shipmates may be located or accounted for.

* Indicates PLANKOWNER
(D) Indicates DECEASED

If you have any corrections that should be made, please forward them to me for inclusion on corrected pages in the future. Missing or damaged pages will be replaced upon request.

OCTOBER 20, 1994 Bill Sarant

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