Easy Fluffy Slipper

easy fluffy slipper

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This is a very easy project and here's how I made it:

You will need a copy of Paint Shop Pro, version 8 or later.

You will need the fur preset, if you don't already have it. Unzip it and place it in your "Presets" folder, not "Preset Shapes". I've included a cloth fill in greyscale so that you can color it to your tastes. This should be placed in your "Patterns" folder.

Fur Preset

Open a new image, add a background color, add a new raster layer and set your foreground/background colors:


Select the brush tool and Preset:

brush settings

Using your brush tip, lay out a shape similar to this:

brush tool

Add a new raster layer and place it under your slipper top. Reverse your foreground/background colors. Using your airbrush tool (I chose airbrush but you can use the pen tool or preset, whatever you are most comfortable with), add a shape similar to this:

airbrush tool

I used these settings for the airbrush. Experiment to see what works better for you:

airbrush settings

Now select the tools: Select All>Float>Contract and set number of pixels to 11

selection tools
selection tools
Click okay.

While still selected, use the "Invert" tool to select the outer edge of the sole. Choose the "Inner Bevel" tool with the following settings:

bevel settings

Click okay.

Now use the "Invert" tool again to select the inside of the sole. While selected, flood-fill with a cloth pattern and colorize to your liking. De-select.


In your layers palette, select the slipper-top layer. Select the "Drop Shadow" tool with the following settings:

drop shadow

drop shadow

Using your "Eraser" tool, carefully remove the shadow bleed on the background.

drop shadow removed

Your finished image should look something like this.

drop shadow removed

Delete the background layer, merge visible, tube it and you're done!

Create your own image using your tubed slipper. Here's one of mine:

Have fun!

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