Applying Outdoor Shadows

outdoor shadows

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You will need a copy of Paint Shop Pro. I'm using vX but you should be able to adapt this to any release of PSP.

This tutorial illustrates how to apply shadows to objects outdoors.

Start with an new image. Make it size of your intended fnished product.

Apply your sky background, grass, building, tree, etc., in single layers.

new layer

Duplicate your tree layer duplicate layer and bring it to the top of your layers.

top layer

Activate this layer.

Use the Adjust Brightness/Contrast tool adjust brightness with the following settings:


Select the rectangle tool rectangle tool and pull out on side and top nodes to stretch it. Rotate it a little so that if covers as much of the roof (or the object you are shading)as you would like.

node adustment

Turn down the opacity on the layer


Now you should have something like this

something like this

Now to remove the shading from the sky and tree. Activate your house layer (or whatever object you are shading.)

activate layer

Choose the Selection tool and then Float selection tool

float tool

Now choose the Invert tool invert tool and then activate the tree shadow layer.

activate layer

Now hit the Delete key. Deselect.

Now you should have something like this

something like this

I used a simple object here to illustrate how this effect works. The examples below show the before and after with the shading applied to a few objects and the grass.

without shadows

with shadows

Have fun!

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