Pretty Beveled Glass Mirror

pretty beveled mirror

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You will need a copy of Paint Shop Pro. I'm using vX but you should be able to adapt this to any release of PSP. Start with an new image. I used 600 x 800.

Set your materials palette to:

materials palette

Now click on the Gradients icon to set your material.


I'm using a bluish gradient because there always seems to be some blue in the reflection. My angle is 71 and I have 3 repeats.

Select the Preset Shapes tool preset shapes tool with the following settings:


and and lay out your shape in the center of the canvas. To center, select Objects>Align>Center in canvas. Convert the vector layer to a raster layer by right-clicking on the layer in your Layers palette and choose "Convert to raster layer."

Now add a new raster layer, bring it to the top and change your materials palette to:

add new layer

Note that I have deselected gradient and selected color.

Select the Pen tool pen tool with the following settings:


For this step you may want to turn on your grid to get your first line straight and centered. I've turned mine off for the screenshots so that you can better see the lines.

Draw out a line from top to bottom. Don't worry about getting over the edge. We'll take care of that a few steps from now.

line draw

Now select the Duplicate tool duplicate tool and then the Rotate tool rotate tool with the following settings:


Now use the Duplicate tool again and then select the Rotate tool with the following settings:

rotate settings

Now select Duplicate again and then choose the Mirror tool mirror tools

You should now have something like this:

something like this

Merge the line layers into one layer.

For the next steps to work you need to turn off the Pen tool by selecting another tool such as the Move tool move tool

Activate your mirror rim layer.

activate layer

Then choose Select All and the Float. select all, float Then select the Invert tool invert tool and activate your lines layer.

activate laye

and hit the Delete key. All the lines have disappeared except those on the mirror rim layer! Now Deselect. deselect

Activate the mirror layer and select the Dodge dodge tool tool with the following settings:


and make a light streak on either side of the dark lines.


Using the Selection tool selection tool with the following settings:


pull out an ellipse leaving a nice portion for the mirror's edge. Turn on your grid or guides so that you can start your ellipse in the center. Pull down until you have it as far as you'd like and then pull to the side, trying to leave the same proportions all around.

ellipse tool

Select the Hot Wax tool hot wax tool and make sure your foreground is set to #cococo and your background is set to null (turned off:)

Choose the Burn tool burn tool at the following settings:


darken the inside of the mirror (inside the marching ants.)

Now select the Invert tool invert tool and choose the Dodge tool dodge tool with the following settngs:


and lighten the outside of the mirror (outside the marching ants.)

Does yours look something like this? Good!

something like this


Using the Dodge tool again, with the following settings:

dodge tool

apply some light blocks here and there by swipes and single clicks. Don't kill all of the dark or blue areas. Those will serve as realistic reflections. Be sure to hit some of the seam lines so they won't stand out too much. You should now have something like this:

somethng like this

Now you can merge all visible layers.

Select the Select All and Float tools again select all and float and then choose Adjust>Blur>Blur. Deselect.

adjust, blur, blur

Now for the center of the mirror. Create a new layer and send it to the bottom. Set your Materials palette to:


Select the Preset tool preset tool set to ellipse and pull out an oval.


Now add a light Drop Shadow drop shadow to show a little depth between the mirror and frame. Activate the frame layer in your Layers palette and use the following settings:


Because you created the shadow on a separate layer, it can easily be cleaned up. Activate the shadow layer in your Layers palette and use the Erase tool erase tool around the frame where the shadow shows on the outside.


Merge all visible layers.

Now you're done and it's ready to tube. Your finished mirror should look something like this:

finished mirror

Have fun!

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