Easy Gingersnap Cookie

easy gingerbread cookie

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This is my second tut (you need something to put on that plate!) Here's how I made it:

You will need a copy of Paint Shop Pro. I'm using vX but you should be able to adapt this to any release of PSP.

You will need the following texture for the cookie. Right-click and save to your Patterns folder.

cookie texture

Open a new image with the following settings:


Set your material properties to:

material properties

Then set your materials palette to the following settings:

materials palette

Now select the ellipse tool with the following settings:

ellipse tool

Now draw out a circle on your open image. From your menu bar select Objects, Align, Center in Canvas. Now your image should look like this:

looks like this

Now select the inner bevel tool inner bevel tool with the following settings:


Your image should now look like this:

add noise

Add some noise with the following settings:


Now your gingersnap is done.

you're done!

Decorate it, if you like. Don't forget to add a drop shadow to your finished product for realism!

View Image

Have fun!

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