Opening a Closed Door

open door

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You will need a copy of Paint Shop Pro. I'm using vX but you should be able to adapt this to any release of PSP.

You will also need a door tube. If you don't have one, you can download mine HERE.

I saved it in PSD format so you should have no problem opening it.

Once you open it, you can tube it. Start with an new image:

new image

Place your tube in the center.

Select the selection tool with the following settings:

selection tool settings

and draw it around the door (try to stay off the molding.)

door molding

Select Edit>Cut>Edit>Paste As New Layer. Deselect. Center the new door layer into the molding.

With the door layer selected, choose the Deform tool deform tool

deform tool

Whle holding down the Control key, select the top right node and begin to pull up until you have the angle that you want. You're not pulling the whole door top up. When you hold your cursor over the top-right node, your symbol is cursor symbol. When you press the Control key your cursor changes to cursor change Notice that pulling up on the top node also moves the bottom right node down for the proper perspective.


While you still have the Deform tool selected, place your cursor on the center node on the right and begin to push to the left until you have the door opened as far as you'd like.


Now create a new layer and set your Materials palette to:

palette layer

With the Rectangle tool:

rectangle tool

draw out a rectangle to make the edge of the door.

draw out rectangle

Now you have to adjust the angle of the door's edge to match the perspective. Again select the Deform tool:

deform tool

Hold down the Control key and pull the top node on the right down a little until you are happy with the angle. Use the same technique as you did on the door, except you are pushing down now and not pulling up.

Now you're done and you should have this: finished door

Have fun!

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