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All tubes are 100% mousedrawn by me, Katiebuglove! (Sheri Lytle), with the exception of some pointsettias here and there and maybe a bird or two. Otherwise, all my own creations. All tubes are brighter, sharper in appearance and larger than they appear in their thumbnails and larger views.

Tubes are emailed out in zip files within 24 hours and, in most cases, much sooner, after you make your purchase through PayPal. Make sure you have 'katie at katiebuglove dot com' (you know what to substitute for text and spaces, right?!) in your address book.

34 tubes $5.00

View Architecture

15 tubes $5.00

View Birdhouses

15 tubes $5.00

View Buildings

7 tubes $4.00

View Brown Cupboards

9 tubes $4.00

View Cakes

10 tubes $4.00

View Clocks

9 tubes $4.00

View Clothing

23 tubes $5.00

View Curtains

18 tubes $5.00

View Dishes

14 tubes $4.00

View Girly Accessories

21 tubes $5.00

View Florals

11 tubes $4.00

View Food

13 tubes $4.00

View Picture Frames

17 tubes $5.00

View Furniture

20 tubes $5.00

View Household Accessories

7 tubes $3.00

View Hatboxes

22 tubes $5.00

View Christmas

9 tubes $3.00

View Jewelry

14 tubes $5.00

View Lamps

18 tubes $5.00

View Lawn and Garden

7 tubes $3.00

View Mardi Gras Masks

6 tubes $3.00

View Mirrors

12 tubes $4.00

View Perfume Bottles

4 tubes $3.00

View Paperweights

8 tubes $3.00

View Suncatchers

9 tubes $4.00

View Toys

10 tubes $4.00

View White Cupboards

Want all these tubes? Get all 362 in 27 categories for only $35.00!
That's a $78.00 savings (compared to purchasing each category individually)
and it comes out to about 10 cents per tube!

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