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All tubes are 100% mousedrawn by me, Katiebuglove! (Sheri Lytle), with the exception of the flowers on the Christmas cake. Otherwise, all my own creations. All tubes are larger than they appear in their thumbnails and most of them are shown at 50% of actual size.

If you enjoy my tubes, I'd love to hear from you. And I would appreciate a small credit ( when you use them.

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Floral Container

Perfume Bottle

Stuffed Bunny

Flour Sack


Picture Frame



Hot Tub

Dressing Screen

Foot Stool

Eye Glass Holder

Glass Pane

Glass Tile

Dinner Napkin

Button Card

Lace Doily

Glass Shelf

Tree Ball

Tree Bauble

Stained Glass



Wall Sconce

Table Lamp

Peach Basket

Garden Swing

Gazing Ball

Garden Sun

Mardi Gras Mask


What can you do with tubes? I made a vignette of my favorite tubes, applied some filters and printed an 8x10. It's in a beautiful matted 11x14 frame in my bedroom and it only cost me a little bit of time and a few pennies in ink and paper. When (if) I get tired of it, or want a different color scheme, I can just make another, print and pop it in that frame and VIOLA!, I have instant and original art!!. Have fun!

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