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Blue Willow Teapot
Order No. M-001
Price: $12.00
Shipping: $9.65
Probably NOT vintage

Approximately 6" tall. This pot is in mint condition, however it is unmarked and I do not know anything about its manufacturer.


Pope Gosser Teapot
Order No. M-002

Probably vintage
Approximately 6" tall. This piece appears to be mint.

See bottom stamp


Pope Gosser Casserole

Now featured in the Bargain Basement

Steamboat Teaset
Order Code: M-004
Price: $15.00
Shipping: $11.65
No idea as to age, sorry

Approximately 4-1/2" tall. This teaset is mint. It is unmarked and I know nothing about the manufacturer. It is very light-weight, if that is a clue for you.

Homer Laughlin Platter
Order Code: M-005
Price: $15.00
Shipping: $11.65
Probably vintage

Approximately 11-1/2" wide. This Homer Laughlin platter is in excellent condition. Some crazing due to age.

See stamp on bottom

Lipton Teapot
Order Code: M-006
Price: $20.00
Shipping: $11.65
Probably vintage

Approximately 5-1/2" tall. This pot is in mint condition.

See bottom stamp

Blue Wall Pocket
Order Code: M-007
Price: $15.00
Shipping: $8.65
Possibly vintage

Approximately 5-1/2" tall. This little pocket is in mint condition. It is about 7-1/2 " tall and about 4-1/4" wide. It appears to be clay or earthenware and has a lovely glaze finish.


Universal Cambridge Water Bottle
Order Code: M-008

Approximately 8" tall to top of spout. This lovely old refrigerator water bottle by Universal Cambridge is in near-mint condition. It's condition is exceptional given its age and the fact that it has been used. The bottom shows the usual wear patterns and there is a glaze chip on one of the sides. The remarkable fact is that the spout is in mint condition--no damage whatsoever.

See spout
See underside of lid
See glaze chip
See bottom stamp

Shabby Chic Rose Teaset
Order Code: M-009
Price: $12.95
Shipping: $8.65
Shabby Chic

Teapot approximately 6" tall to top of lid finial, approximately 8" wide. Salt and pepper shakers are approximately 2" x 1-1/2". The bottoms are marked, "Asia Master Group, Made in China."

50's Fiberglass Shades, Pair
Order Code: M-010
Price: $45.00
Shipping: $11.65
Vintage 1950's

These two vintage fiberglass shades adorned lamps in the 1950's. They stand approximately 8-1/2" tall and are approximately 6" in diameter. The colors are muted olive greens with accents of white and gold. They are in near mint condition with the exception of a minor dent at the top of one with a crease to the side of that. There is also a questionable spot the size of a large pencil point at the bottom of the other. Both lamps appear to have minor rust on the frames, however they are very straight and sturdy. The material to tie the shades to the frame is a type of plastic or vinyl. All the strings and string holes on both lamps are in excellent condition.

Shade One

See dent from side
See dent from another view
See the crease
See rust on frame

Shade Two

See spot
See vinyl tie
See rust on frame

Vintage Flamingo Figurines with Pond
Order Code: M-011
Price: $115.00
Shipping: $19.65
Vintage 1950's

This lovely set was made around 1950. The pair consists of an erect flamingo, measuring approximately 10" tall and a feeding flamingo, measuring approximately 7-1/2" tall. The pond measures approximately 13-1/2" by 7-1/2" at its widest points. There is some crazing to the pieces under the glaze and, overall, smooth to the touch. The bottom of the pond is marked. I believe it says, "Garden-Time", and underneath that is an undistinguishable mark. The shorter flamingo has an "E" embossed on the bottom. The pieces are in mint condition.

See pond
See bottom of pond
See marking on pond bottom
See crazing on flamingo
See detail on flamingos
See stamp on flamingo
See crazing on pond

Vintage Covered Yellow Dish with Birds

Now featured in the Bargain Basement

Moss Rose Miscellaneous Set 7 Pieces
Order Code: M-013
Price: $30.00
Shipping: $16.65
Old but not vintage

This seven piece group (1 teapot, 2 hurricane lamps, 2 cups, 2 saucers) is a Moss Rose pattern except for one cup and saucer, which is just a rose pattern. All pieces are marked, "Japan" except the teapot which is unmarked. The pot stands approximately 7" to the top of the lid finial. The lid is probably a marriage to the pot. The hurricane lamps stand approximately 7-1/2" tall. All pieces are in great condition except for some loss to the gold trim.

Anchor Hocking Fire King Golden Shell Dinner Service for Four
Order Code: M-014
Price: $60.00
Shipping: $21.65
Circa 1970

This Anchor Hocking Fire King service for four includes, 4 dinner plates, 10" in diameter; 4 cups approximately 2-1/2" tall; 4 saucers 6" across and 4 bowls 5" across and approximately 1-1/4" tall. All pieces are in excellent condition except for a minor chip on two of the saucers. I don't believe this set has ever been used.

See chips on saucers


Plastic 50's Electric Teapot Clock by Sessions Clock Co.
Order Code: M-015
Circa 1950

This sweet little teapot clock is straight out of the 50's. It is nearly flawless although it appears to have been used. It also appears to have been rewired. Although it works, it does make a humming noise so I do not recommend it be used unless it is rewired by a qualified professional. It is approximately 9" wide at its widest point by approximately 7" tall. Visit this Wikpedia link to learn about the Sessions Clock Company.

See back of clock

Homer Laughlin Marigold White Covered Sugar and Gravy Boat

Now featured in the Bargain Basement

White Creamer and Covered Sugar, Made in England
Order Code: M-017
Price: $18.00
Shipping: $11.65

These lovely pieces are embossed on the bottoms, "Made in England". Other than that, I know nothing else about them. Both pieces are in pristine condition. They are embossed with a lovely scroll and lattice design. The creamer measures approximately 5-1/2" tall by 5-1/2" wide. The covered sugar measures approximately 6-1/2" tall by 6" wide.

See detail
See bottom stamp

Gold Maple Leaf on Blue-Green Covered Sugar and Creamer
Order Code: M-018
Price: $14.00
Shipping: $9.65

These lovely pieces are have an embossed design as well as gold maple leaves and vines. They are colored in a gradient going from blue to light greenish yellow. The creamer not only has gold trim but there is also platinum running around the rim and on the handle. There is a hairline crack that does go all the way through but appears to be very stable. The sugar has discoloration to the inside lip under the lid. There is also wear to the gold trim. The creamer measures approximately 5-1/2" wide by 2-1/2" tall. The sugar measures approximately 6" wide by 4" tall. The pieces are unmarked.

See detail
See sugar rim
See hairline

Sadler Pink Floral Teapot

Now featured in the Bargain Basement

Antique Electric Toaster
Order Code: M-020
Price: $20.00
Shipping: $11.65
Vintage and Shabby Chic

This cute little electric toaster probably dates to around 1920-1930 judging by the type of cord. It is quite old and very worn, so this is not intended to be used. It is for display purposes only. The hand painting is not authentic to the piece. The item features wooden knobs to open the toast doors. The toaster has been completely degreased and what you see on the inside is mostly white srpray paint voids. There is some dust on the paper coil insulators. While cleaning it, I didn't want to wet or tear the paper, so I did the best I could. The bottom is sheet metal. It stands approximately 7" tall and the base is approximately 7-1/2" by 5".

See inside
See side and knobs
See bottom

USA Blue Pottery Teapot
Order Code: M-021
Price: $20.00
Shipping: $11.65
Vintage Circa 1940

This pretty blue teapot is marked USA and has an embossed snowflake pattern. It is in very good condition with a few spider veins in the inside bottom but do not go all the way through. There is a minor chip to the underside of the lid which doesn't show when the lid is in place. There is some glazing sag at the bottom which is considered a minor manufacture's flaw. The discoloration on the inside is not staining. It is due to the manufacturing process. The pot is made of heavy pottery. I can date this piece to at least 1941, since there is still a sticker on the bottom which records the occasion of being given as a gift.

See inside spider veins and discoloration
See lid chip
See bottom sticker and maker's mark
See glazing sag

Cockatiel Ceramic Teapot
Order Code: M-022
Price: $20.00
Shipping: $11.65

This sweet little pot features a cockatiel bird on the handle with a berry and leaf motif on the pot and lid. It is in mint condition. Although the bird looks like its beak is broken it is not. The spot is smooth and glazed. The pot stands approximately 6-1/2" at its tallest point and is approximately 8-1/2" at its widest point. The bottom of the pot is marked, "CBK Ltd China".

See inside


Vintage Pabst Blue Ribbon Mirror
Order Code: M-023
Vintage mid 70's

This vintage piece dates to the early to mid 70's. It measures approximately 20" tall by 12-1/2" wide. The center of the mirror appears to be embossed paper with a reflective silver added. There is some minor discloration around the edges here and there. The edge of the glass is a little rough although no discernable chips. The back is cardboard and has a hanger. The original double-back tape is still there but has lost its adhesion.

See closeup
See back

Vintage Commemorative Isuzu Wine Bottle by Robert Mondavi, Woodbridge
Order Code: M-024
Price: $45.00
Shipping: $11.65

The bottle is empty but once contained 1.5 liters of Cabernet Sauvignon, vintage 1987. The bottle measures approximately 13-1/2" tall.

The front decoration consists of sand carving and hand painting. It is decorated with a Japanese crane. The lettering is raised and says, "Isuzu" at the top of the label and "Premiere October 1989" at the bottom.

The back of the bottle has a paper label and is stained with a streak of the original wine. A small card comes with it, explaining the significance of the bottle itself.

The box is made of light wood. The front of the box sits in a channel and pulls out from the top using a convenient thumb depression. The lid is embossed with, "Robert Mondavi, Woodbridge" and features the company logo. Both sides are embossed with the same but no logo.

See wooden box
See paper label
See painted label
See all pieces
See card front
See card inside

Pierced Handle Plate
Order Code: M-025
Price: $28.00
Shipping: $13.75
Manufacture date unknown

This lovely little plate's age is unknown but apprears to be vintage. I'm guessing before the 40's, as after WWII goods couldn't be imported without displaying the country of origin (I think. Correct me if I'm wrong.) It measures approximately 12" in diameter. There is a manufacture's flaw near one of the handles. It appears to be under the glaze, so it probably happened when the porcelain was wet. Or something like that. Other than that, it's in excellent condition.

See close up of pattern
See back of plate
See close up of flaw on front
See close up of flaw on back

Taylor Smith and Taylor Platter
Order Code: M-026
Price: $28.00
Shipping: $13.75
Manufacture date mid 1930's

This sweet little platter is in very good condition. I don't detect any chips but see some minor staining to the front and back of the piece. It measures approximately 11-1/2" in length and approximately 8" across at its widest point. Compare this platter to THIS ONE that's very similar.

See close up of pattern
See manufacturer's mark
See back

Johnson Brothers, England Semi-Porcelain Platter
Order Code: M-027
Price: $45.00
Shipping: $15.75
Manufactured approximately 1900

According to THE POTTERIES ORGANIZATION the markings on the bottom of the platter put this piece in the early 1900's. It is in remarkable shape with some crazing, which is not necessarily a flaw. There are two small wear spots on the bottom and some of the gold trim has rubbed off, but overall a wonderful old piece. Compare this platter to THIS ONE that is in the same condition for almost double the price!

The platter measures approximately 16" long at its widest point to 12" across at its widest point.

See close up of raised pattern
See manufacture's marking
See bottom marking
See second bottom markings
See first wear spot
See second wear spot

Sabin Cathy Rose Platter
Order Code: M-028
Price: $25.00
Shipping: $13.75
Manufactured approximately 1950's

This darling little platter is in excellent condition, with a few glaze pops on the back. The 22k gold trim in in excellent condition as well. The platter measures approximately 11-1/4" long at its widest point to 8-1/4" across at its widest point.

See closeup of stamp
See back of plate

Willow Ware by Royal China Dinner Plate
Order Code: M-029
Price: $18.00
Shipping: $11.75
Manufactured approximately 1950's

This dinner piece is in very good condition with a few minor chips and some staining on the back of the plate. A similar pattern came later, this is the earliest of the two. The plate measures approximately 9" in diameter.

See closeup of pattern
See a chip or two
See a few more chips
See back stamp

Willow Ware by Royal China Dinner Plate
Order Code: M-030
Price: $18.00
Shipping: $11.75
Manufactured approximately 1950's

This dinner piece is in very good condition with a few minor chips and some staining on the back of the plate. It is identical in pattern to the plate above. The plate measures approximately 9" in diameter.

See closeup of pattern
See a chip or two
See back stamp

Fruit Basket Cookie Jar by Certified International Corporation
Order Code: M-031
Price: $29.00
Shipping: $13.80
Manufactured approximately 1980

This lovely cookie jar overflowing with fruit was designed by Susan Winget for CIC. It's made of a lightweight ceramic and measures approximately 11" tall by approximately 9" wide. The piece is in perfect condition.

See back pattern on lid
See bottom

Heatmaster Staffordshire Teapot
Order Code: M-032
Price: $20.00
Shipping: $12.80
Unknown manufacture date

This nice little pot is in pretty good condition with the exception of a shallow, although large, chip to the underside of the spout. There is some crazing to the pot and lid and some heat crazing in the bottom, but does not go through to the outside. The piece measures approximately 9-1/2 inches tall by approximately 6" wide.

See crazing on lid
See spout chip
See heat crazing inside
See bottom

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