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Porcelier Double Floral
Order Code: BB-P003
Price: $6.00 (was $10.00)
Shipping: $12.65

Approximately 8" tall. Although this does have some deep cracks they appear to be stable and the piece overall is sound. There is also a small red spot on the back of the pot under the glaze.The piece sounds rough but shows very well.

See crack and red spot
See inside cracks
See stamp on bottom


Porcelier Hearth
Order Code: BB-P005

Approximately 12" tall. This is a 4-piece set including the strainer lid inside the grounds tower. The grounds tower has a hairline running around the inside it but does not go all the way through. There is a rice-sized chip on the underside of the spout.

See basket lid hairline
See pot inside
See bottom stamp
See spout chip
See grounds basket


Porcelier Flight Teapot
Order Code: BB-P017

Approximately 7" tall. With so much damage to report, it's a shame you can't see it in person, because it really does show well. The two vertical cracks on the back are smooth to the touch and come through the inside as staining only. The spout has a minor fleabite chip on the underside with some discoloration. The inside is slightly stained and has some spider veins. There is a small hairline in the front at the bottom. It is smooth and does not go all the way through. The lid is perfect except for some slight discoloration on the inside lip.

See closeup of detail
See hairline crack
See spout chip and discoloration
See cracks inside
See underside of lid
See bottom stamp
See vertical cracks on side

Hall Crocus Coffeepot
Order Code: BB-H006
Price: $14.00 (was $20.00)
Shipping: $11.65

Approximately 7" tall. This piece is good condition with the exception of a hairline at the top of the pot. The silver trim is in excellent condition.

See bottom stamp
See hairline at top
See hairline sideview

Hall Crocus Coffeepot
Order Code: BB-H009
Price: $14.00 (was $20.00)
Shipping: $11.65

This piece is in pretty good shape overall,,,but here's the bad news. Somewhere along the line, someone broke the spout but managed to make a pretty fair repair to it. The lid and inside are in pristine condition and overall the platinum trim is very good to excellent. The bottom has the usual wear patterns with some dark scuffing. There are no other chips or flaws anywhrere. The piece really shows well.

Another view
See bottom
The inside
The lid
Boo-boo view 1
Boo-boo view 2
Boo-boo view 3


Dripolator Silhouette Coffee Pot
Order Code: BB-H010

The short little spout and the lovely decal really set this off as a very unique pot. The colors are bright and vivid and the body is a very creamy white. There are some rub marks on the bottom and around the underside of the lid but appears to be normal wear. There is a rice-sized chip on the inner lip of the lid and some staining to the bottom crease inside the pot. The pot shows beautifully.

See spout
See decal
See inside
See bottom
See lid top
See chip on lip


Hall Black Coffeepot
Order Code: BB-H016

This pot is in great shape except for a crack on the bottom that goes slightly through to the inside. The crack is smooth and appears stable There is also minor scratching to the black body. The pot stands approximately 8" tall to top of lid finial.

See lid
See crack inside
See crack on bottom
See scratches on pot
See another view of scratches


Phil-Mar Black Mare & Foal TV Lamp
Order Code: BB-TV001

This is a 1950's TV Lamp made by Phil-Mar and is in very good condition with the exception of a hole in the back. It does not show through to the front and apprears to be very stable. There is "marbling" on the tails and manes. It measures approximately 8" tall and approximately 11" long. It appears to have been recently rewired.

Front view
Back view
The boo-boo


Pope Gosser Casserole
Order Code: BB-M003

Approximately 5-1/2" tall. This piece is in fair condition. It has a hairline on the lid and a small chip out of the side of the lid. There is heavy crazing and the inside is stained. But overall the piece shows well.

See bottom stamp
See stain inside
See crack and chip

Vintage Covered Yellow Dish with Birds
Order Code: BB-M012
Price: $10.00 (was $16.00)
Shipping: $11.65
Most likely vintage

This lovely covered dish with a bird motif shows quite well. There is heavy crazing due to age and some paint loss on the edge detail. The lid has been broken and the repair was not too badly done.

The piece stands approximately 4-1/2" tall to the top of the lid finial. It measures approximately 10" across at its widest point. The bottom is unmarked.

See closeup of bird pattern
See break on lid
See bottom
See inside
See underside of lid break

Homer Laughlin Marigold White Covered Sugar and Gravy Boat
Order Code: BB-M016
Price: $12.00 (was $18.00)
Shipping: $11.65
Circa 1940

The pattern on the two pieces is Marigold white by Homer Laughlin and I believe they were made around 1940. The gravy boat is in excellent condition with minor wear to the platinum trim.The bottom is marked, "K 43 N 8". The covered sugar has minor stains, minor chips to the lid finial and slight wear to the platinum trim. The bottom is marked, "J 45 N 8". The gravy boat measures approximately 8" wide by 3-1/2" tall. The sugar measures approximately 7" wide by 4-1/2" tall to the top of the lid finial.

See detail
See bottoms
See chips on lid finial
See stains on sugar

Sadler Pink Floral Teapot
Order Code: BB-M019
Price: $14.00 (was $20.00)
Shipping: $11.65

This lovely teapot is embossed on the bottom, "Sadler England" and is stamped in gold, "2060 JB". I have no other information about this pot. The pot is in excellent shape on the outside. The inside is heavily stained and there are lots of spiderweb cracks, however they do not go through. The pot measures approximately 10" wide and stands about 6" tall.

See bottom
See inside stains
See inside spiderwebs


Cargill Manfredi Corn Syrup Toy Tank Truck
Order Code: BB-TM002

This little tanker is about 30 years old and is approximately 9-1/4" long by 2-1/2" wide by 1-1/2" wide. There is some paint loss to the cab and a scratch on one of the Cargill logos. The front tires are missing but the wheels are there. It is fully articulated. The bottom is stamped, "Winross, Rochester, NY 14802 USA."

See paint loss on cab

Porcelier Mexican Teapot
Order Code: BB-P026
Price: $25.00 (was $40.00)
Shipping: $17.75

Although there is so much damage to this piece, it really shows remarkably well.There are hairline cracks in the lid but they don't appear to go through to the underside (plus you'll see a large chunk of slag). There is a rice-sized chip on the spout. There is a crack that goes almost all the way around the lower part of the pot but it doesn't seem to go all the way through, either. Then there's the hairline crack on the bottom of the pot. I'm not able to determine if it goes all the way through. The mark on the inside feels smooth and almost appears as a stain. But it very well could be the crack coming through.

See hairlines on lid
See inside of lid
See side of spout
See front of spout
See another view of spout
See front of lower crack
See front of lower crack
See bottom stamp and hairline
See inside of pot

Porcelier Brown Medallion Teapot
Order Code: BB-P028
Price: $20.00 (was $40.00)
Shipping: $14.75

This piece is in good condition, with the exception of a large chip on the inside lip. There are also two minor hairlines under the glaze that do not seem to go through. There is some staining inside the pot as well. The spout has some minor roughness. The pot measures approximately 8-1/2" wide by 6-1/2" tall. It really does show beautifully.

See chip on inside lip
See hairlines in glaze
See spout roughness
See bottom stamp

Hall Red Poppy Teapot
Order Code: BB-H040
Price: $15.00 (was $45.00)
Shipping: $12.75

This piece is in excellent shape. Well, except for some pretty serious damage to the spout. But in all fairness to this little sweetie, it does show well from one side.... It is approximately 5-1/2" tall and approximately 9" wide.

See inside pot
See spout damage
See bottom stamp

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