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Welcome to Vintage Treasures (and Some Shabby Chic, Too!)

If you're a return visitor, you'll notice that we've made some changes to our store. We've rebuilt the storefront and we've added two new rooms: Blog Specials--items featured at drastically reduced prices for a very limited time over on our blog, Sublime Ramblings; and New Arrivals--new pieces added to the inventory by date order.

We have a lot of vintage pieces and a few lovingly used items. At this shop "vintage" means the article could have been made anywhere from 1920 to 1970ish. Shabby chic refers to anything new or used that cannot possibly be vintage. And sometimes there's some vintage shabby chic items.... But don't be confused, trust your eye!

We've tried to describe the items accurately and whenever possible, give some actual details about a piece. If you feel that we've described a piece inaccurately please email us with the correct information and we'll happily change it.

We've gotten a lot of mail lately asking us to identify or value a piece. However, we're not appraisers and we're not antique dealers. We don't want to unintentionally misinform you so please do not ask us for information on pieces that you have. It's much better for you to do the research and determine what you are willing to take for it. We can tell you that it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Does this help? And, no, we're sorry to say that we do not buy either.

We hope you find something here that you just can't live without! Feel free to email us with any questions or comments.

A note about the quality of our items:

Our inventory items range in quality from mint to moderate damage. We try to offer a wide range of conditions and prices for every type of collector out there. The price reflects the conditon of the item according to the amount of damage. There may be some of you thinking, "Why are they trying to sell that? There's just too much damage." We've learned from experience that not everyone is looking for a flawless purchase. They aren't looking for top-dollar resale value. They want the piece because it may remind them of a childhood memory or it's the perfect color for that little nook in the guestroom. And because the price is right, they can always turn that flaw to the back and no one will ever know.

A note about our pricing:

Our pricing is based on what we paid for the item and not necessarily the market value. In this way, we can offer you a fair price. But being a small business we do have significant overhead. One being shipping.... We all know that as the price of fuel rises (and it seems to go up daily), so do shipping costs. We know that those costs seem outrageous and we wish we could do better on them. But we have to make a profit in order to keep our doors open to you. Sadly, it's a sign of our times.

Please review "Terms of Purchase" and also resolve any questions via email before you make your purchase.

New Feature!

It's time to move some old inventory and make room for new! We are accepting serious offers on everything in the store. Just fill out the form and send it off to us. You are not purchasing an item by doing this. You are only submitting an offer for consideration. Once you've sent us your offer we'll get back to you shortly.

Click HERE to access the form.

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